Gorgon Project

GE is supplying the Chevron-operated Gorgon Project with machinery for the LNG cooling process, carbon dioxide (CO2) sequestration and energy production. The various machines intended for the Gorgon Project in Australia come from various parts of the world. Moreover, GE was awarded a 22-year contractual service agreement with Chevron Australia for machine maintenance and additional monitoring and diagnostics services.


The Avenza construction yard is an industrial area of approximately 80,000 m2. It was inaugurated on 29th September 2011.


To ensure the conservation of Barrow Island, Western Australia where the Gorgon Project is located, environmental management processes were implemented during assembly of the modules at the Avenza construction yard. These requirements ensured all materials were free of visible contaminants, such as loam, mud, vegetation (e.g. seeds), vertebrates and invertebrates.


Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is composed mainly of methane, the simplest and most abundant hydrocarbon in nature, consisting of one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms. After the gas is extracted and the impurities are eliminated, it is cooled to -162ºC. At this temperature the gas changes to the liquid state and in the process its volume becomes 600 times smaller. In the liquid state it can easily be stored in tanks, put into LNG carriers and transported on long hauls to the end-consumer markets where it is re-gassed and delivered. Liquefied natural gas is transported at a constant temperature and atmospheric pressure on special LNG carriers designed and built in compliance with stringent safety standards. The industrial development of LNG has made it possible to connect some of the largest gas fields in the world — often distant and difficult to reach — with countries that need new supply sources. The transportation of LNG by ship makes this energy resource available in parts of the world that would otherwise be practically unreachable.


Industrial modules that produce electricity.

An industrial module is an optimized configuration of machines and additional components for the compression of gas or the generation of electrical power.

The five modules assembled in the Avenza plant will produce electricity for operating the LNG (liquefied natural gas) plant on Barrow Island (Australia) as part of the Gorgon Project.

The whole set of modules will supply the electricity needed for Gorgon's development and production operations and for liquefying the gas. 130 MW to supply 40,000 homes.

Each module built for the Gorgon Project generates 130 MW, sufficient for supplying power to 40,000 homes.